Our service assists providers with managing Medicaid eligibility during a treatment episode. It reduces the amount of staff resources required to track consumer/patient payer information.

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    Utilize our free 30-day trial to evaluate the service. The trial requires no contract and no agreement. Contact our support team to have an account setup. We will provide documentation and assitance to get you started ASAP. Click here for support team...
  2. Setup / Configuration
    Setup an internal process to create a delimited file from your source information system. We offer supplemental software and services that will automatically interface with our batch eligibility system. File specifications
  3. Improve your revenue cycle and increase your bottom line!
    Submit an eligibility file and receive a response within 24 business hours that will identify inaccurate Medicaid payer information within the source system. The response file will specify clients that are now Medicaid inactive, have a different Medicaid payer (i.e. HMO, Plan, etc.), as well as the payer records that match. Response file information